Buffet The Kitchen

The restaurant is divided according to cuisine type into 4 stations, and dishes are prepared right before your eyes from 110 fresh ingredients. The Kitchen offers Western cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine, and Japanese cuisine, and the dishes include noodle dishes, iron plate dishes, health food, and deserts.
  • Instant Cook Counter: Variations on roast steaks, king shrimps. Well-being noodles and pasta corner.
  • Cold Food: Seasonal sashimi and sushi, including drumfish, summer flounders, and red snappers
  • Hot Food: Dishes from Korean, Chinese, and Western cuisine
  • Salad Corner: Fruits, vegetables and a wide range of dressings are offered
  • Desert Corner: With a wide selection of deserts, the restaurant can provide favorite desserts for guests of all ages.

Room (hall) information

  • Sugar: for hosting various events (baby showers, birthday parties, family gatherings, company parties, presentations)
  • Pepper: A stylish room decorated in purple. For small informal gatherings
  • Salt: An elegant meeting place decorated in soft pastel hues.


  • Lunch : from 12 to 15
  • Dinner : from 18 to 22

Number of Tables

211석(Room Sugar:50석, Pepper:16석, Salt:30석, Hall:115석)‏

Buffet Rate

  • Weekdays Lunch (Semi Buffet)
    Adult KRW 19,800 / Child(ren) KRW 16,000
  • Weekdays Dinner & National holidays (Full Buffet)
    Adult KRW 38,000 / Child(ren) KRW 22,000